In the midst of all my activities of late, His Word has constantly rattled around in my head as I meditate on a variety of scriptures and new truths He shows me daily.
One such truth is the instruction God gave Moses for the last part of the high priest’s garments in Exodus 28:42-43. He told Moses to make linen ‘breeches’ (in the south we call them britches or drawers) to “cover his nakedness so that he not incur guilt and die” when he ministered before the Lord. Why would God be interested in undergarments on the high priest? The answer lies in the first mention of ‘nakedness’.

In Genesis 2:25 the Bible records that the first man and woman were naked but were not ashamed, but only 7 verses later in 3:7 it says their eyes were opened and they ‘knew’ they were naked and made fig leaf coverings for their loins. What happened in between? They sinned by choosing what they wanted over what God wanted. They died spiritually. When God created them He made them alive in their spirits and His Shekinah glory overpowered the natural lusts of the flesh so that they were not ashamed of their nakedness. When they died spiritually the lusts of the flesh became apparent and they were ashamed for the first time in their existence. The nakedness of man and woman became a symbol for our sinful nature and God demanded that His high priest be covered with fine linen which is a symbol of righteousness, a righteousness that is not natural to us but must be ‘put on’ (Eph. 4:24) through Jesus Christ (II Corinth. 5:21).

When Jesus went to the cross all His garments were removed from Him so that His nakedness was revealed on the cross where He took on all the sins of mankind, past, present, and future and suffered the ignominy of God’s rejection for that moment, but when He arose from the grave He was clothed in the white raiment of God’s Shekinah glory as a promise of the hope awaiting us who belong to Him: Hallelujah to the Cross!

Being on mission is sharing that wonderful news with the world by letting God’s Spirit overflow from us onto those around us. Have you spewed over onto someone today spiritually? I hope so.

Bro. Andy