The goal of Hopewell Medical Ministry is to provide medical support through prayer, education and community outreach as well as spiritual healing through our heavenly father. Our mission is to cultivate, assist, and nurture individuals by offering preventative wellness education, health screening, and medical resources.

• Monthly Blood Pressure Clinic
• Annual biometric screening
• Annual CPR training
• Coordinates blood drive with OneBlood

The Hope Health Ministry is a health and wellness ministry at Hopewell Baptist Church. We are very fortunate here at Hopewell to have several medical personnel and first responders in our congregation. Our goal is to reach out to our congregation and community to promote the understanding that health includes the body, mind and spirit. This also includes education with an emphasis on the importance of health and wellness, and safety as part of our responsibility as members of the Body of Christ.

We aspire to engage, educate and empower our congregation to be passionate and effective leaders for creating healthier communities.

Blood Pressure Screening monthly. Checking your blood pressure is not just for the older but younger as well.

Biometric Screening Event was a great success thanks to the Community Health Department at South Florida Baptist Hospital (BayCare). Free blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screening were made available to our congregation. Knowing your numbers and what these numbers mean is the first step towards good health.

The success of the Spark of Life Campaign made it possible for Hopewell to purchase an Automatic External Defibrillator, which is now located in our main sanctuary.

Here at Hopewell we have also developed a Quick Response Team, which is comprised of a variety of health care professionals and first responders along with a plan of action in the event of a medical emergency.

Hope Health Ministry posts healthy tips in the Hopewell Herald Newsletter monthly.